Efficient and seamless pipe relining in High Wycombe and surrounding areas

Maintain a Drain understands that the cost of replacing sewer pipes isn’t within everyone’s budget. That’s why we offer and specialize in trenchless sewer pipe lining, also known as cured in place pipe lining or relining. Pipe relining is a cost effective alternative to replacing broken lines by digging them up. At Maintain a Drain we understand the headache that replacing sewers and sewer lines can cause. Whether you’re repairing the pipes and sewer lines for your home or commercial building anywhere in the south east, Maintain a Drain will work with you to ensure that the sewer repair or sewer replacement job is finished on time and at a cost you can afford.

Does The Whole Pipe Have To Be Re-Lined?

No, especially for clay pipes, only the cracked pipe or root intrusion area is re-lined. This is a “sectional” repair or “point repair” and costs a fraction of what re-lining the whole pipe would cost. Usually cast iron pipes in residential properties or apartments are all of the same age and have experienced the same corrosive environmental conditions, so when one portion of the sewage pipe starts leaking or backing up, this would indicate the rest of the cast iron pipe has to be backed up too.